Wear it again & again…. & again

Classic White Kurta

Hey guys! First of all, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I guess even I am doing fine actually great, I feel I have found peace amidst the chaos. Honestly speaking I did not take this “Stay in Home” phase well at first but then slowly I got used to it. I have been doing a lot of things that used to make me happy in the past and due to some or the other reasons I couldn’t pursue it. Another thing I have been doing is self-analyzing my needs. This pandemic has taught me how little I actually need and how much I actually own. Lots of them I don’t wear anymore or don’t fit me. Well, I do buy mindfully and in the past few months, I have been shopping less than I used to. I generally buy something I can wear again and again and this blog is about the same. Taking into account my love for Indian wear I have used one kurta and literally had fun experimenting with different looks and to my surprise, I never thought I could pull 10 looks in one go without even planning them. So here’s to experimenting with my “Classic White Kurta”.

Western fashion has a Classic White Shirt and India has a Classic White Kurta which can be styled in so many ways and make you look absolutely stunning. The first look is simple yet chic. I have styled the kurta and culottes with an antique necklace from my mother’s collection and a silk dupatta. This look is the easiest as everyone has one in their wardrobe.

Then I thought being a Maharashtrian why don’t I do something with Nath (Maharashtrian nose pin). So, I went with a beautiful Paithani silk dupatta, a Thushi (Maharashtrian necklace), Nath, and a bindi to complete the look. This look indeed got me close to my roots. Even if you are non-Maharashtrian you can easily pull this off or even recreate it using your traditional elements.

Next up, I wore a long flared skirt over the kurta giving an indo-western look. When you wear something minimal adding up one statement element in your look is a game-changer. Here a wore a pair of antique silver earrings and a statement silver ring.

Styling with dupattas is one thing that can never go wrong with a kurta. Draping it different way just adds an element of novelty. I experimented with a drape that went through the waist to the shoulder giving it look of a saree. For draping its best to use a soft textured dupatta which gives a flowy effect. You can also go with a silk one if you want to experiment with pleats. In this look, I have draped with a lehriya (tie and dye) chiffon dupatta and added a statement silver necklace.

This look is one of my favorites. I wanted to recreate my Kathak getup where I simply tie my dupatta crossbody. Here, I have tried to drape it a different way and added hathphool and kundan earrings to complete the look. This look is elegant, graceful, and can easily be pulled off at a sangeet or even small traditional festivities.

The amalgamation of Indian & Western culture is the next cool thing. A classic white kurta can achieve a number of looks with western outfits. Here, I have paired the kurta with a wrap-up suit blazer and used its belt as a simple knotted tie on the neck. To complement the look I wore a pair of antique studs. This simple yet professional this look can definitely make way to your office or even a business meeting.

Here, I have just fused two classics. One being a kurta and other being a denim jacket. I have not accessorized the look as they themselves complement each other quite well. You can wear this look for a casual day out.

Wearing kurta alone makes it look like a dress. Here, I clinched the waist with a leather belt and paired it with big round statement silver earrings. This can again be a go-to look when you feel all your dresses have been overused and you want to wear something different.

Almost everyone has a tube top in their wardrobe. Just put it on your kurta and you have another look ready. This look is again minimal yet appealing. To accessorize I wore an antique pair of silver earrings.

Last but not the least I wore an old lace skirt over the kurta and paired it with a crossbody bag and a hairpin. I pinned one side of kurta to the skirt to achieve an uneven look. This one is again my favorites and reminds me of back to school days.

A classic white kurta is definitely versatile. White is neutral and therefore, it’s easy to style and add different elements to achieve various looks. It’s one quintessential piece of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Lastly, Less is more, buy something that can be used and reused.

Hope you loved this little styling session with me. You are always welcomed to give comments and suggest new things. Leave your comments below on which look you loved the most. I would also love to see how you recreate these looks when you do kindly tag me on Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Wear it again & again…. & again”

  1. It’s really amaziiing look . I mostly like that Maharashtrian look with dupta and nath who gives a perfect look it ..
    White kurta wid indo western flared skirt gives a different look …
    (Try this simple white kurta wid umbrella black skirt …gives one more different look .)

  2. Seems like you have blended eastern, western, southern and northern dressing sense into 1 .
    Also going by the pics you seem to like your traditional home culture.
    Do you also influence, turn & put your fashion sense into others ? If yes I am up to sign up for getting influenced if no then it’s ok

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