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Hey you guys! I hope you all are having a good time with all the ongoing festivities. And about me? I’m sulking about what on Earth am I doing here in London? I’m missing India way too much, especially when it’s festive season. I’ve always been with my family during festivals and this is the very first time I’ve been away. So, on the brighter side I’m compensating it with a very special shoot we did earlier this year. And it is more special as both my best friends shot and styled it for me. Well! This one should have been up months ago but better late than never.  We shot with some of my favorite silver jewelry pieces and styled them with indo-western outfits. So, this blog is going to be about Silver Jewelry. This one is going to be a little longer as I have tried to be quite informative with some styling and maintenance tips, as well as I have put a small list of brands I love to buy from. So, you can grab some snacks or a drink and do read it till the end.

Silver is a metal that compliments most natural skin tones. It is more classic, wearable and low maintenance. You can easily find interesting jewelry right from local jewelry shops to designer shops; it really depends on your budget. The price varies on quality, plating, intricacies, and ornamentation. Just don’t forget to check the hallmark and the plating. Silver is mixed with other metals to make it tough. It has 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals and mostly the jewelry piece will have 92.5 mentioned on it. Usually, brass or other metals are silver polished and sold as silver jewelry. So make sure you buy it from the trusted brands.

I love jewelry just like my mother. In the past few years, we’ve been collecting statement jewelry pieces from wherever we can and these are mostly in Silver. The best part about Silver Jewelry is that it can be styled in multiple ways and it is easy on the pocket. You can buy 10 pieces of silver jewelry in the price of 1 gold piece. That means you’ve 10 pieces to style and experiment with instead of 1. Well of course gold has its own worth but let’s be real guys, it’s easier to buy and maintain silver jewelry than gold. But it all depends on preferences. I have got a thing for silver jewelry, especially the traditional Indian Jewelry. I’m someone who loves to collect jewelry but at the same time, I want to be minimalistic. So the only time I’ll wear it is when I’m in the mood to or if there’s an event or festival. In such cases, statement jewelry helps you to bring up your A-game. We created three looks by just mixing and matching different pieces, which are easy-going, classic and easy to create.

This is one of my favorite set from Amrapali, Jaipur. Both earrings and necklace has beautiful mirrorwork making it a classic piece. I wore only one earring as a Maang Tika (head accessory), necklace just as it is worn and a bracelet as an anklet. We styled it with a really old shimmery jumper and an Indigo dyed skirt. Although both my friends were quite finicky about this look it is my personal favorite. I loved how it created an organized fusion.

Both earrings & necklace – Amrapali Jaipur

Outfit: Jumper – Westside stores & Skirt – local boutique

These multi-colored chandelier earrings with Meena are again one of my favorites. They do look heavy but honestly, they are quite light. Here, we have put together a very simple look which anyone can easily pull off. Just a black top (here I’m wearing a dress tucked in :p) with a skirt or pants of your choice and you’re good to go. To accessorize a little bit more we stacked a few bangles.

Both earrings & bracelets – Amrapali Jaipur

Outfit – Dress – Westside Stores & Skirt – W

A classic pair of silver earrings is always a safe option. These earrings are versatile and best whenever you are in doubt. They are statement, traditional and yet so chic. We styled it with a printed kaftan dress and a stack of bracelets and bangles. This look is again a modern fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Both earrings & bracelets – Amrapali Jaipur

Outfit – Rutuja Pawar

For maintenance, you should store your jewelry in a ziplock all the time. Avoid using perfume on it and don’t wear it in the shower or for a swim. Silver can get dull with time, you can use different home tricks to clean it or give it to a jeweler. If I’m cleaning it at home then my mother will either wash it with Colgate or dip in a solution which is meant to clean the silver. But if your jewelry is delicate it is better to give to a jeweler. Although, I like a bit of oxidization as it gives that antique look to your jewelry.

Silver Jewelry Brands I love – Amrapali Jaipur, Tribe by Amrapali, Raabta by Rahul, Shaya & Silver Streak Store.

Now that you have made it to the last, I hope you found it useful. If you have some feedback or any other information to add do comment. I would also like to hear how you would love to style the pieces I styled.

Shot & Styled by – Maitreyee Malandkar & Shilel Gomes

6 thoughts on “Statement Maker – Silver Jewelry Edit”

  1. Amazing! You sound so friendly and convincing through the entire content that it almost feels like we’re talking about it over a coffee. Nevertheless perfect picks of jewellery pieces and pictures defining some kinda story. Absolutely drooling over the pictures, great job, keep going, lots of love 💕

    1. Thank you Shilel💛 What could be better than your best friend’s comment! Thank you for helping me out with the shoot. Cheers to us✨

  2. This was Very Informative and Instead of a Blog, it felt more like having a conversation about the topic which was quite warmly. I have usually preferred artificial ornaments and jewelry due to the efforts i might have to take to maintain the real metals but I might try out a couple after this. Thank you for this Blog post😊

    1. Hey Resham,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words. Well, I think buying jewelry or any other things in that matter is out of personal choice. I do agree it is a little bit of a hassle maintaining real jewelry compared to the artificial ones. Also, with constant change in trends, we want to get more and more. For the past few years, I have started buying consciously. Pieces that are classic and more versatile and be worn for a longer term. I’m glad you discussed it, hope this helps. I would love to hear your opinion. Keep loving ❤️

  3. Hey, I can totally relate to this post. I almost always use silver jewelry cause it compliments my skin tone and Amrapali, Jaipur (Mumbai) is one of my favorite stores including Amar and Aquamarine and Also may I absolutely love the outfit in the Third Set of Pictures

    1. Hey Anupama,
      I’m glad you loved it. There are quite a lot of brands that do good silver jewelry. Thanks for suggesting your personal favorites, I will surely check them out. Keep loving ❤️

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