Mama’s Boy

Hey! I hope you are home and safe. I know these are difficult times for all of us but, this too shall pass. We need to hold a little tighter, and together we’ll surpass the pandemic. Having said there had been many changes in my life lately, and they are for the better good. Major being “I got a dog.” I have always loved animals, and during my childhood, I have had pet fishes, birds, turtles, and rabbits. A few died, and parents gave a few away as I wasn’t available to look around. I have been moving to places all my life, and when I moved back to India, I knew I needed to root. Although, it became tough as I had no friends where my parents live, and settling down in one place was difficult. I wasn’t doing well, and I had emotional breakdowns and anxiety. That’s when I knew I needed a companion, a dog. It was tough to convince my parents for obvious reasons, but, somewhere I knew I am ready to take the responsibility. On 24th March, we got baby Shinzo, 6 weeks old Shih Tzu puppy.

Shinzo has been with me for a month now, and my life has completely changed, hands down. Right from waking me up early in the morning with his loud barks to making me run around him the whole day and finally letting me sleep peacefully. My day starts with Shinzo and ends with Shinzo. Getting a puppy is just like having a baby. He needs your constant love and attention. For the first two or three days, he woke me up at random hours in the night, turning me into a living zombie. My sleep schedule was completely disturbed, and as soon as he slept, I napped with him, be it whichever hour. He was acclimatizing with his new surroundings and still too young to understand, given that he adjusted pretty well in a few days.

Pet parenting is no easy job. It is extremely frustrating and especially when your puppy disregards your command. In my case, it has been a task to potty train Shinzo, and it’s still not there yet. He literally bites everything available, especially human skin, and licking the trash is his favorite thing to do. As a new parent, you are learning with the baby. And no matter how many videos, books, or advice you take, you are bound to make mistakes. I made a few, too, the worst being overfeeding. I misread the quantity of his feed, and I fed him a portion of his entire day in one meal that caused bloating and stomach ache. He was unable to stand up. I had to rush him to his veterinarian, and thankfully next morning, he was all well. Since then, I have been extra vigilant about his food. I constantly keep researching his behavior, food, diseases, training and want nothing but the best for him. That’s the beauty of love, you care for others more than yourself, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a human or animal.

When I got Shinzo, my parents complained now and then, as he would pee and poop anywhere, bite on things, which came to, “You have your career ahead, and is this what you want to do? Let’s give him back”. But as stubborn I am, I didn’t let that happen. Slowly things got better, and now my parents have grown fond of him. They pamper him more than I do. Earlier, four of us would be busy in our own lives and met one another for meals. Now, life revolves around Shinzo. We sit together to watch him play, play with him and cuddle. Shinzo has brought love, laughter, and togetherness to our family. Our lives have new meaning, and the responsibilities and pain that have come along seem sweet. Being a pet parent is difficult, but what is easy in this life? At the end of the day, what matters is the priceless smile it brings on your face.

For me, love is Shinzo. He is one follower I’ll never lose.


Much Love!

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