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I’m a perfume fanatic. I mean, who doesn’t love to smell good? The first thing I notice in someone is the eyes, and the second is the body fragrance. Smelling good definitely leaves a good impression. I invest a lot of time in research before buying perfume, and so should everyone. Buying the right fragrance is very important. When buying a fragrance, there can be a lot to decipher — brand, price, type — and you’re given few clues about what the bottle actually holds. You will probably recognize categories of fragrances, but you may not know what those terms mean. There are few basic things to be kept in mind while buying perfume.

Perfumes are a blend of essential oils, which are the scent, and alcohol, which is their carrier. Common categories below will tell you how concentrated the oils are, allowing you to know how light or strong the scent will be.

Pure Perfume/Parfum: It is the highest concentration perfume available – usually between 15 to 40% perfume oil. It is enough to last for an entire day. If you absolutely love a fragrance already, try the parfum.

EDP (eau de parfum): It has the next highest concentration of perfume oils, which is around 15-20% and lasts for 5-6 hours. It is ideal as a nightwear perfume and perfect for your date.

EDT (eau de toilette): This one is more of a daywear perfume as the fragrance is light, around 10%, and lasts for 2-4 hours.

EDC (eau de cologne): This has the lowest concentration of perfume and lasts for 2 hours.

Eau Fraiche: This one is similar to EDC in scents and lasts for 2 hours. It has low concentration (1-3%) than EDC. It does not contain a high amount of alcohol and is mostly water.

Prices depend on the concentration of essential oils in the perfume. The higher the concentration more it costs. Parfum is the costliest, and the rest follows. Price also depends upon the ingredients and the brand. Also, remember, the stronger the perfume, the less you apply.

Types of Perfumes:

Perfumes are also categorized according to their scent that totally depends upon the ingredients used. These are – fruity, green, oceanic, oriental, spicy, woody, floral, and citrus. Every person has a different choice. You should know what kind of fragrance is suitable for you.

Where to apply?

You should apply perfume on pulse points (where your heart rates can be felt) such as behind ears, nape of the neck, insides of the wrist, base of the throat, inside of elbows, and behind knees. Never rub your perfume as it breaks down the chemical composition making it weak.

Understanding Fragrance Notes:

A fragrance you wear has different layers of scents to create this unique bouquet. These layers are referred to as notes. So what you smell at the beauty counter will change by the time you reach home.

  • Top Note- This is what you smell immediately upon applying the perfume, which evaporates quickly.
  • Middle Note- As soon as your top note dissipates you can smell this. It makes up the majority of the scent.
  • Base Note- These notes are richer and not often detected till you wear a scent for 20-30 min. It is advisable to try on perfume and check the base note before buying a perfume.

Shelf Life: The shelf life of a perfume is a maximum of 3 to 5 years from its production date. You should keep it in a cool, dry place out of the sun to keep it long-lasting.

My Perfume Collection and Favourites

I love collecting perfumes. Whenever and wherever I travel I make sure I tick at least one perfume off the list. I invest in one good perfume rather than having many, though with time my collection has kept on growing, and now I own quite a lot. My taste is more oriental. It is a blend of earthy, seductive, and musky scent combined with warm notes. One of my most favorite and first expensive perfumes is Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium. It was a half-paid gift from a friend and I absolutely love it. The second favorite on my list would be Gucci Bamboo, which I got from London. It has a soft romantic fragrance ideal for a casual day. The third favorite is a tie between Roberto Cavalli EDP and Bvlgari Goldea. I also have an Oud, which I got from Dubai. It has quite a strong fragrance and hence I rarely apply it. Rest collection includes Flower by Kenzo, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, Ted Baker Blush Pink body spray, Zara Woman 92, Champs Elysees Paris, The Body Shop White Musk, and White Musk Smoky Rose.

As mentioned earlier, I love perfumes and had absolutely no idea of what I’m buying. Hence, I ended up researching a lot and thought it might be an excellent idea to write all about it. I’m not an expert though I’ve tried to cover all the basics one person should know. I hope you find it useful.

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