Hey guys!

To start with I'm a Fashion Designer and a Science Graduate. Born and brought up in different cities of Maharashtra, India. I've always been a curious kid. I loved dressing up, experimenting with looks, sketching, and painting. Sometimes you don't realize when your hobbies turn into passion and then into a profession. Therefore, after my graduation, I decided to pursue Fashion Design. I began writing blogs and that inspired me to start this website. After completing my course as a designer, I worked as a Merchandiser for Pernia's Pop Up Shop. Later I completed my Masters in Fashion Design Management from London College of Fashion bridging the gap between design and business giving a sustainable perspective in the world of fashion.

Blog Journey

I began writing blogs in 2015, it has been quite a journey ever since. Initially, I shared my blogs and ideas via Blogspot. After a year and a few articles, I decided to start up my own website to give my audience a much more personal experience. So get ready to embark a journey with me. A journey about food, fashion, travel, life experiences and all the little things that give my life a meaning.

- Rutuja Pawar